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Are you about to buy something from an .onion site and don't want to get scammed? If so, we could help you.

We have already tested a lot of sites and we know which are scams and which are not.

Fixed Matches

It's sad (for sport lovers) but matches are fixed. Not a lot actually, but some are. We don't know why and who (people with a lot of money indeed) fix matches, but we do know that someone (a friend of that guy with a lot of money?), somehow, knows those winning tips, and decided to sell them on Tor. Why? Money of course! They are making money betting on fixed matches and decided to make even more money selling their tips. Wouldn't you do the same? The problem is that also scammers loves money, and although this is not the easiest service to emulate, the risk to get scammed is high, as always. There are not a lot of sites providing this service, therefore you can check them all by yourself until you find a trustable one... OR, you can ask us. Second option seems better? Let's start.

You will get: legit list and scam list Cost: 0.04 BTC

Cloned Credit Cards

People all over the world clones other people credit cards... Every single day someone's PIN gets stolen and chip gets cloned. Some thieves prefer to sell the cloned cards instead of cashing them out. Nothing strange. Less risk and still a pretty high profit. The difficult is finding those thieves that only steal CCs and not your money too! Do they exist? They are going extinct but yes. Who are they? We'll tell you.

You will get: legit list Cost: 0.04 BTC

Bitcoin Multipliers

Got a few bitcoins and want to make them grow effortlessly? Let us explain you this FOR FREE.

This is just famous dark net service that scammers love. Actually, if you are a newbie on Tor and want to scam people, you set up a "Bitcoin Multipler" site. Nothing easier. Let's talk seriously. There is no exploit in Bitcoin network that could allow people to multiply them! Therefore EVERY site providing this service is SCAM.

All Bitcoin Multipliers are SCAM Cost: FREE

Counterfeit Money

Yes, there are counterfeit bills all around the world, and therefore alse around the deep web. The problem is that also this service is easy to scam, and scammers don't ship nothing to you. Don't pay for nothing. Ask us before.

You will get: legit list and scam list Cost: 0.04 BTC

Paypal Accounts

This is one of the most loved services down here on the dark net. As it became popular, a lot of hackers started throwing phishing attacks to PayPal users and selling their passwords. It takes a clever hacker, but this is real. People actually do this. The problem is that such a service is so easy to fake that there are scammers everywhere. Want to avoid them and buy a working password for a real PayPal accout? Here we are.

You will get: legit list and scam list Cost: 0.04 BTC


Want to buy any electronics without getting scammed?

On the darknet there are hundreds sites where you can buy one, but just a few will work... If you are willing to buy a properly working super-hot-looking Apple, Samsung or any other device and want to know which sites are scams and which can be trusted, just follow these steps.

You will get: legit list Cost: 0.04 BTC


Pheraps your drug dealer got arrested or maybe you just want to try some "good shit" from Amsterdam. Anyway, drugs are everywhere, and here on Tor are usually cheap, so we understand it that people decide to buy them here. Problem is: it's difficult to find a site that actually provides this service and doesn't scam you. Of course you can choose to risk and try some random sites, or you can ask us for a little suggestion. Interested? Keep reading.

You will get: legit list Cost: 0.04 BTC


Doesn't matter if you want to keep it under the pillow or shot down your neighbour because he stole your lawnmower. We don't care about the use. We are here to help. Help you receiving that gun after paying it. First step is avoiding scams, and we can tell you the sites that can be trusted. Secondly you need to receive the gun. Tell us where it will be shipped (general informations: just the continent or so. Not your home address!) and we'll tell you the site where you can make your order and be sure to receive the product.

You will get: legit list and scam list Cost: 0.04 BTC


Looking for something unusual or not listed? Let's see if we can help you!

Looks like you have an unusual request to make... Tell us as much as you can and we'll do our best to help you.

You will get: contact us Cost: contact us




How do you know so much about so many deepweb sites?

We tried. We risked a lot of money because in life you always have to risk. We tried some because we were curious and others because we actually needed them. We had a lot of bad luck, and some good luck.

Why are you sharing this for just 0.08 BTC?

We were like you: people fascinated by what the deepweb offers, but at the same time suspicious. Then we though "let's try" and this page is the result. We HATE SCAMMERS: they made us lose A LOT of money... They rob people who worked hard for that money! We don't want you to go through what we've already been through. It's not worth it. At the same time, of course, we want to put some money back in our wallets. They've already suffered enough... 0.08 BTC looks like the perfect compromise between the two things.

Why helping me? I mean... Why should you strangers help ME?

We don't want you to give money to scammers. Not because we like YOU, but because we don't like THEM! We just don't want them to fraud people and steal them hundreds dollars (or euros or whatever). The darknet is amazing. The less bad experiences you'll have with it, the more you'll love it.

Why not on the clearnet?

Although the service we provide is absolutely legal (we are just sharing informations) it would be a bad idea to run it on the clearnet because we really tried these darknet services, and they are not too legal where we live.

How can I be sure you are not a scammer too?

Here it is. The standard-deepweb-question. Of course you can't. This is how things works when Obama is not watching. So read carefully what follows. Are you willing to buy an iPhone for 400$? Or maybe you are about to pay 600$ for a PayPal account containing 1200$. We don't know (and we don't care). But as you can't trust us, you can't trust them. Therefore what are 50$ against those 600$ you are about to spend? If we are scammers you're losing just 0.08 BTC. If we are not, you're saving hundreds of dollars.


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